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Re: [Health] Local Demo database login

From: Chris
Subject: Re: [Health] Local Demo database login
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2014 16:58:30 -0700
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> I have downloaded and installed it according to the instructions at http://
> Installing_a_local_Demo_Database , however when I try to login form the tryton
> client I get a message Bad username or password. If i insist and try again I
> get an error something to do with res.user.

Did the database install correctly?

Without sounding foolish, are you sure you are using the correct
credentials? username: admin, password: gnusolidario

Someone else can chime in, but the res.user error sounds odd to me. When
I follow the instructions, everything works fine. If I enter incorrect
credentials, it just says 'Connection Error! Bad username or password!'
and the trytond log just says 'bad login'. I wonder if it is
trytond/tryton config? Is the server running correctly? Up-to-date
versions of client and server?


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