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[Health] Close Fiscal Year Error

From: Bounmy Sihaphom
Subject: [Health] Close Fiscal Year Error
Date: Wed, 1 Oct 2014 11:50:08 +0700

Luis and all!
My Fiscal Year runs from October 1st,2013 -September 30,2014 and have 4 periods, I need to close it by using Finance->Reprocessing, and I have very limited knowledge on Accounting but try to use common sense.Sometime it works , sometimes it doesn't.Here is my step:
1. I close all 4 periods, then fiscal year.
2. I got the error message like  : I cannot close this fiscal year because the Revenue account is not zero.

Do I need to run any report first, or any requirement before closing the Fiscal year?  

Great thanks for your help.
Best Regards;

Bounmy Sihaphom

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