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Re: [Health] Health Digest, Vol 39, Issue 12

From: Sebastián Marró
Subject: Re: [Health] Health Digest, Vol 39, Issue 12
Date: Thu, 9 Oct 2014 21:16:24 -0300

Hi Bernardo

2014-10-09 21:06 GMT-03:00 Bernardo Augusto García Loaiza <address@hidden>:

Hi Maria, thanks for answer.

My GNU Health System and Tryton Server is installed into a Ubuntu Server cloud Machine at Digital ocean provider.

I'm trying access from tryton client in Linux and Windows too, but I get the same message

Inline image 1

I don't know. I think so that is a problem with soke tryton server modules according to the message ... [calendar] but, I'm not sure about it.

Try installing the caldav library [0]

pip install --user caldav

Regards !


Sebastián Marró
Converging Ideas for Emerging Realities

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