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[Health] GNU Health on SUSE / One-Click-Install / SLES

From: Axel Braun
Subject: [Health] GNU Health on SUSE / One-Click-Install / SLES
Date: Fri, 8 May 2015 10:27:18 +0200

Dear GNU Health Community,

last weekend was the openSUSE Conference in The Hague, which gave some 
inspiration and time to finish off some work:

* GNH Health (and the whole Tryton Suite) is now available as package for SUSE 
Linux Enterprise Server [1], the SUSE version targeting enterprise and business 
* For all supported openSUSE versions, GNU Health can be obtained as 
One-Click-Installation [2]: Just chose the version of GNU Health you want to 
run and let the system do the rest for you....
* A new Wiki-page for GNU Health on openSUSE was created [3]

I hope these activities make the use of GNU Health even easier. Let me know if 
you miss information.

Have fun,


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