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Re: [Health] questions on realizibility of a project

From: Tom Blecher
Subject: Re: [Health] questions on realizibility of a project
Date: Thu, 21 May 2015 00:11:46 +0200

20.05.2015, 20:25, "Axel Braun" <address@hidden>:

Am Mittwoch, 20. Mai 2015, 20:00:08 schrieb Tom Blecher:

 here my questions:
 focus as well on question 3 please.

Instead of pointing to a doubtful website you should ask your questions here
in the list.

I have no idea what your site has to do with GNU Health.
[for non-germans: hartz4 is a social security law]

Hello Axel Braun,
as pointed out, gnu health is free software. So why questioning anybody of using it?
And for comment: "hartz4" is not that. it is the pr-joke on somewhat people like you are going to miscall law, I bet.
So to the question of just posting my matters here: it was pointed out that this bundle of points on promoting free software is to heavy work load for me to handle in formatted messages each one. So someone sensibly interested could gather his point out of the whole picture; others will pass by. So it is anyway more than nothing and kind of stepping stone anyway in the future, set once to light. (:


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