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[Health] grasp data from paper and report of it with proteus, how?

From: Tom Blecher
Subject: [Health] grasp data from paper and report of it with proteus, how?
Date: Thu, 21 May 2015 18:25:11 +0200

foreword: it is just that I am really new to your field and I want to gather orientation by any by.
I have no approved imagination how real world solutions are used effectively.
So I ask according to nettiquette precisely the formulated single questions:
How is done in the typical applications nowadays
- of the real world cases of tryton like you and of which you_ know of-
the typical solution for grasping data from let's say a paper and make a report of it?
Let' say making use of proteus:
use the scanner adf as software interface, for example bash
use a free ocr tool, by free software
use tryton to have an say report from the data.
I call this tool-chain or work flow and how could then a tool chain of data-on-paper-to-computer-data been sketched and how could its availabilitity hold for being later or now discussed on. On that I would like to open a conversation.
It is that I wanted to invest time for investigating this things on my on: Is it not done with a handful proteus commands?
Out of
on the "4*5 scheduled, reported, investigated, emailed job-wellfare application documents": Hey,l just logged in with proteus in local "gnu hospital tryton python"-server. Could you help me on a decent tutorial about the python (or what ever pseudo code) "two lined" command lines for ___-having a) any report of format "abc" of data "def" on the server and/or b)then sending it to email-url "ghj"?
Thank you for your opinion.

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