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Re: [Health] grasp data from paper and report of it with proteus, how?

From: Tom Blecher
Subject: Re: [Health] grasp data from paper and report of it with proteus, how?
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2015 20:00:04 +0200

Hi Edgar,
excuse me my self for having waited so long until answering, but glad to read from you, anyway.
>So I it is to say, I am working (searching) on an ocr-solution.There are some free ocr tools around.

>And I have read a post from 2010 where they say xsane free software had already some ocr integrated.

>The question marks above indicates that I hardly can believe that yet. In all these bureaus of 2015's world they, they do not use OCR, yet?

I do not say “in all bureaus of 2015´s world”,

but in the typical Austrian hospital in the typical workflow of the physician,

Thanks for the information.

but the workflow does not make sense with using the ocr-program if the ocr result

will not be checked very intensive for correctness.

Ok, as I routinely shock with the problem, I will keep an I on it , by and by search for an solution and let it flow in the bespoken tutorial Hello World grasp and report.
If you are then still there it would be cool. Should be over all an patient (enduring) investigation about what is state of the art in free software world nowadays.

>On the report:

>So if you or else someone knows of a preferably non-interactive way

>of such an hello world report, I would be glad, for a few lines of script, anyway.

 Yes, that would be great. I tried it some months ago and failed at the end, 

mainly because I had a problem with accessing LibreOffice from GNUHealth.

Bingo. Fine that i have found you, first.

Maybe we can work together and then publish the results on a primer on reporting.
So I dare to ask: Which libraries did you chose starting with and why? How could you feel sure, if they were the indicated ones, to say the right or the best ones?
1. Imagine that you set up a python tryton server module, which you controlled by an gnu-health user interface.
2. And them wanting to access from this python code to the libreoffice python interface, right? 
3. But the libreoffice python interface resulted somewhat difficult to treat?
I say this because point 2 and 3 happened to me myself, a year ago or two in a non gnu-health context. (Having experience with vba, I shall be spoiled.) Remember that in the end, however, I got some crappy signal, but in lack of time I lost the track. Mainly also because I felt feedback not sufficient about this way of producing report docs were the right one.
Have you stlll any code from point 1, (and 2. or 3. as well?) ?
Could search my snippets for point 3. Are not we almost ready then - with the reporting part of the tut? (;
So we could agree on keeping an eye on it, too, in case a solution result does not come out immediately? What do you think?
Curious for your answer and thanking you for your valuable hints.

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