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Re: [Health] grasp data from paper and report of it with proteus, how?

From: Edgar Hagenbichler
Subject: Re: [Health] grasp data from paper and report of it with proteus, how?
Date: Sat, 20 Jun 2015 00:21:59 +0200 (CEST)

Hi Tom,
 >Ok, as I routinely shock with the problem, I will keep an I on it ,
>by and by search for an solution and let it flow in the bespoken tutorial Hello World grasp
>and report.If you are then still there it would be cool.
Yes, I hope so ;)

>Should be over all an patient (enduring) investigation about what is state of the art in free software world nowaday
I am interested in that too ...

>Maybe we can work together and then publish the results on a primer on reporting.
Yes, I would appreciate that very much. Maybe we can use wikibooks for that, e.g. in German:

>So I dare to ask: Which libraries did you chose starting with and why? How could you feel sure, if they were the indicated ones, to say the right or the best ones?
>.... Have you stlll any code from point 1, (and 2. or 3. as well?) ?

I am sorry, this was about one year ago, and I do not find my "documentation" for that anymore. As I remember I used the "Hello World" module ( and I wanted to produce a report. The already installed LibreOffice version which came with my OpenSuse/GNU Health distribution differed from the official version from Libre Office site. When I removed the old version (which had a higher version number than the official release,as I believe) and installed the official version then the system had some bigger problems so I had to reinstall the complete OpenSuse version. Then there was a new release of GNU Health and I gave up.

>So we could agree on keeping an eye on it, too, in case a solution result does not come out immediately? What do you think?
Yes, very good idea! Maybe I will try it again to make a HelloWorld module with a report and I will tell you my experiences!

All the best


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