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Re: [Health] Registering a Patient

From: Prakhar Bansal
Subject: Re: [Health] Registering a Patient
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2015 14:12:28 +0530
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On Tuesday 30 June 2015 08:43 AM, Chris wrote:

On 06/26/15, Prakhar Bansal wrote:
Hello Everyone !!

Recently during a demo of GNUHealth, there was a issue raised which I found

At present, we need to create a Party record and then create a Patient
record to register a Patient. The receptionist/nurses/attendent who are
going to fill up these forms will not find it easy to create a record in
this way.

We can create a Party record directly from a Patient's record. In this way,
the person who is entering the data will not have to fillup 2 forms
separately. Please let me know on your thoughts or if I have missed
Sorry to probably misunderstand you, but, I believe, you can do it
either way. For example, you can create the Party first, then add the
Patient and connect the patient to the Party. Or you can add a Patient,
then, in the process, create the Party record. 

I think what you are
trying to say is that it would be easier to auto-fill/add the Party
record when you are creating a new record? 
Thank you Chris for your reply. This is exactly what I meant. As of now, we are trying to develop a simple form (Wizard) that is usable by a Nurse/Receptionist. We will then create the Patient and Party records using the values from that Form.

The initial registration is
more like one form that's spread over two data models.

Hope that helps!


With Best Regards,

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