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[Health] Easy configuration of financial and Admin staff

From: Chris R. Kasangaki
Subject: [Health] Easy configuration of financial and Admin staff
Date: Wed, 15 Jul 2015 10:38:25 +0300

Hi All,

Please help and guide me how I can quickly configure financial and
administration staff (users). 

My scenario is like this, the hospital I am setting up has a system
that was mainly used by the Finance and administration departments,
Accountants, Cashiers, Storekeepers, Hospital Administrator, Clerks,
Pharmacy, etc, more than the Medical Staff; Doctors, nurses, lab, etc.
Now we are replacing it with Gnuhealth which is to be used by all
departments. Whereas in Gnuhealth the medical professionals are kind of
pre-configured and easy to setup, the same is not true for the
financial and administration professionals and other non-medical
workers, who will have access and use the system.

My challenge is to set up these people and give them and adjust their
permissions and access levels from time to time; I have not found a
straight forward process. My imagination of an easy and straight
forward system would be for example, a wizard where, I choose User >
create > select user type > Administrative > user position > Accountant
> assign access/roles > confirm > save, .... and so on for all the
other categories and positions, internal auditor, cashier, data clerk,
storekeeper, etc.

Is something like that possible? Is it there already and I have just
missed it? If it is not there, how can I do it and after I have left
and they are working on their own, how can they setup these users
without needing to call me back? In principle, I am looking for a "user
setup for dummies" kind of process; simple and basic but accurate,
especially in terms of permissions, roles and responsibilities.

Would the same be possible for the chart of accounts, where none is
provided for my country and I have to build it from the ground up?

I hope my question is clear.

Thanks for your help.



Chris R. Kasangaki 
 Team Leader 
 Community Open Software Solutions Network 
 P.O. Box 23545

Kampala, Uganda. 
 Mobile: +256772648222, +256705648222,

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