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[Health] Join us at IWEEE 2015 : Social Medicine . Sept 25-26

From: Luis Falcon
Subject: [Health] Join us at IWEEE 2015 : Social Medicine . Sept 25-26
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 2015 07:14:19 +0800

Dear GNU Health and Free Software community

In a month from now, GNU Solidario will celebrate it's 8th
International Workshop on eHealth in Emerging Economies - IWEEE 2015 :
Social Medicine - (

During these years, IWEEE has become the point of reference for
Free/Libre software in the health care arena, as well as for social

The event is divided in two days :

* Day 1 : Technical talks and workshops. Some topics to be addressed
  are GNU Health 3.0, Tryton, Free Hardware in Medicine, HL7 FHIR,
  security and localization. We will also do installation workshops, so
  bring your Free/Libre OS laptop !

* Day 2 : Social talks . This year we are honored to have Richard
  Stallman, to talk about Free Software and Medicine, as well as other
  very important organizations, such as the Red Cross. This event is
  free of charge, but you need to register.

In the technical sessions, we will have talks from the GNU
Health, Tryton and Free Software community members such as Nicolas
Evrard (Tryton), Axel Braun (OpenSUSE), Dr. Etienne Saliez and Dr.
Ferrer (telemedicine) . This is still a partial list. If you want to
make a presentation, you have time until September 5th.

IWEEE is more than just technical sessions. It's about social activism
and Free Software philosophy. It's about giving voice to the voiceless.
It's about stepping out from the comfort zone to address, denounce and
find solutions to social determinants of health, in the widest sense.

Of course, it's a also a great opportunity to get together, networking,
and enjoy the beautiful city of Las Palmas, and Gran

Please share the news  #IWEEE2015

Looking forward to seeing you in Las Palmas !

Luis Falcon, M.D.
GNU Health: Freedom and Equity in Healthcare

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