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[Health] Interview about Aedes aegypti monitoring

From: Roberto Novaes
Subject: [Health] Interview about Aedes aegypti monitoring
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 2016 15:53:38 -0200

Dear Friends,

We have discussed on GNU Health list, some time ago, about using GNU
Health to map Aedes aegypti and related arboviruses.

Our company has been selected to participate on a startup acceleration
programme coordinated by the Federal University of Minas Gerais. We
have proposed the development of such a system.

One of the activities we have to develop this week is to interview
experts on the subject to better identify the focus of the project.

So, I would like to ask if anyone that works directly with Aedes
aegypti or zoonosis surveillance can offer me an interview. It would
comprehend the following main questions:

1) What are your current and past relations with vector surveillance programmes?

2) Aedes aegypti surveillance has been receiveing funds and public
attention from many years in many countries, but the problem seems to
be stagnant or aggravating. Why?

3) What are the main problems or difficulties related to the control
and combat of Aedes aegypti?

4) Do you think that the persons responsible for the control of Aedes
aegypti have enough information to base actions related to the control
of the vector? Why? Which information is missing? Which information is

5) In your area, do you think that there are enough human and
financial resources to the control of Aedes aegypti? Do you know any
national or international programmes that offer funding for such
actions? Have you ever applied to those programmes if any?

6) Which results do you expect to achieve in the effort of Aedes
aegypti control? What are the barriers that block the achievement of
those results? How do you deal with them?

7) Is there someone else that you could point out to us to talk about
this problem?


Roberto Novaes
Skype: silexsistemasti1

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