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Re: [Health] GNU Health Reference Cases

From: Axel Braun
Subject: Re: [Health] GNU Health Reference Cases
Date: Tue, 26 Jan 2016 20:22:02 +0100
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Hi Martin,

Am Sonntag, 24. Januar 2016, 10:50:21 schrieb Martin Sauter:
>  From time to time we learn through this mailing list about more
> hospitals which are using GNU Health already.

yes, I'm always surprised as well....
> I think it would help to promote GNU Health a lot if we had a list of
> existing implementations all over the world. It would prove that GNU
> Health works, that it is adopted by health professionals in many
> countries, and it would give hospitals considering GNU Health the
> opportunity to learn about a reference case nearby.
> This list could be published on or as an appendix
> to our documentation on
> What do others think about this idea? Or is there already a list like
> this which I am not aware of?

I dont know of anything official (but that does not mean anything).
To make a start, I created a section 'Success Stories' on wikibooks


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