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[Health] GNU health : Help

From: Dr. Puneet Maheshwari
Subject: [Health] GNU health : Help
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2016 03:19:00 +0530

First of all, would like to thank and congratulate you and your team for developing such a software which helps health institutes like ours in managing lot of resources and data.

Trying to implement GNU Health at our hospital using SUSE studio Live CD image.
Want to know few things before I start the process...

Is there any option of using GNU health via web instead of installing tryton on every device is not possible, especially iPads and iPhones.

Secondly, is there a possibility of delayed database update in case of any network issues (failsafe).

Thirdly, can we preinstall or add all the villages and small towns of the state or country (in demographic hierarchy ie village-taluka-district(zila)-state-country, India specific)  in the demographics database so that its easier to catalog and organise and avoid inter-user spelling changes.

Waiting for positive response.

Thanks in advance.
With Regards
Dr. Puneet Maheshwari

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