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Re: [Health] How to process health insurance plan

From: Armand Mpassy-Nzoumba
Subject: Re: [Health] How to process health insurance plan
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2016 23:07:02 +0100

Dear Luis and all,

I added the sale_price_list module from Tryton. Unfortunately it shows the following behaviour:
-  When I create a new sale, it fails to link to the existing products and indeed ask me to create new products. 
- The product module has bugs
- the product_price_list module works fine. 

My programming knowledge from GNU Health and Tryton is not good enough in order to fix these issues and I would very much appreciate getting some assistance.

Kind regards,


On 16 Jun 2016, at 15:41, Armand Mpassy-Nzoumba <address@hidden> wrote:

Dear Luis,

On 16 Jun 2016, at 14:57, Luis Falcon <address@hidden> wrote:

Dear Armand

Thanks for your mail !

You could use the sale_price_list module from Tryton. This module
allows you to integrate the pricelist with the party . Once you have
it, you can localize it to your implementation, so depending on the
specific insurance, it will choose the appropriate pricelist (eg,
discount) for that person / insurance / insurance plan combination.

That said, we should incorporate directly into GNU Health, in a module
insurance_price_list, so we don't have to depend on the sale module,
and can integrate it with our Health Service module.

Let me know your thoughts.

All the best

This is indeed a very idea. I fully support it.  I’ll test it and revert back to you.

Kind regards,


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