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Re: [Health] Enable schedule calendar

From: Iwan
Subject: Re: [Health] Enable schedule calendar
Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2016 09:31:24 -0300

Great! And thank you so much for the tip Euan.


Now i will look for a way to connect to appointments.

Do you have any idea if cardDav works too?




From: Health [mailto:address@hidden On Behalf Of Livingstone, Euan
Sent: 27 June, 2016 10:53
To: address@hidden; 'General GNU Health discussion and help' <address@hidden>
Subject: Re: [Health] Enable schedule calendar


Hi Iwan,


I have been struggling with how to get the URL for the caldav as well but managed it just now.


I am using the health30 demo database loaded to GNU Health installed on a virtual machine.  I am using Thunderbird with lightning to setup the caldav connection.


To get the URL for the caldav I opened a web browser and pointed it to my webdav port ie:  http://localhost:8080.  you can then navigate to the calendar you want and use this to copy the URL.


Then and new calendar in Thunderbird/Lightning and enter the URL from the browser.


I can only currently get it to work the Thunderbird/Lightning on the same device so still working on a remote connection.


I have attached some pictures to help show what I have done.







From: Health <address@hidden> on behalf of Iwan <address@hidden>
Sent: 27 June 2016 12:06:07
address@hidden; 'General GNU Health discussion and help'
Subject: Re: [Health] Enable schedule calendar



I am also working on caldav and cardav at the moment.

What I found so far is this client that should work for me (Thunderbird with lightning 0.9 and Inverse SOGo connector 0.96     for Ubuntu 9.04)

I can just get the WebDav protocol started
2543 139833267799872 [2016-06-27 10:45:58,432] INFO trytond.server starting JSON-RPC protocol on *:8000
2543 139833267799872 [2016-06-27 10:45:58,484] INFO trytond.server starting WebDAV protocol on

I believe that because of the Sogo connector I can connect trough webdav with the client, but does not work yet, it gives error 404 ( but do not know the url, I should use )

Also i am unable to setup caldav / cardav or find any documentation on configuration in tryton on this subject.

I seriously need help here too. But I will keep trying.

Any help would greatly be appreciated, and when I get it working I will create a manual for all.


-----Original Message-----
From: Health [
mailto:address@hidden] On Behalf Of Jose C Cuellar
Sent: 27 June, 2016 06:09
Subject: [Health] Enable schedule calendar

Hi to everyone.

I'm trying to enable the schedule calendar at GNU Health 3.0. It doesn't
work for me, neither for the Windows Tryton client nor for the Linux
version. I can't neither access the schedule calendar at the demo
database in the GNU Solidario server; I don't know if it is enabled there.

What I need is something like what you can see the attached screen
capture; it was took from a Youtube video from Guillermo Riveros:

There is an old message from Luís Falcón explaining that there can be
used some CalDav calendars for this purpose, but it's not clear for me
how to do it:

I didn't found any other information about this. If anyone has enable
the visual schedule calendar, any help will be welcome ;-)

Thanks. Best regards.

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