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Re: [Health] Configuring Cost Centres for financial accounting

From: Armand Mpassy-Nzoumba
Subject: Re: [Health] Configuring Cost Centres for financial accounting
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2016 15:28:38 +0100

> On 10 Aug 2016, at 05:20, Khurram Shahzad <address@hidden> wrote:
> Dear Community,
> While configuring the financial module we want to set up cost centres and 
> also do the budget allocation. But, I am unable to find any 
> documentation/help/guide for doing this.
> Can anybody guide me on how to configure the cost centres and record expenses 
> (or other transactions) for them.
> Do we have any user manual or guide available for various Tryton modules like 
> Financial Accounting, Analytic Accounting? If no such manual exists, then how 
> can we understand (and then train for) the functionality of various modules?

Dear Khurram,

You may have a look at the Tryton-Spain documentation located at:
It is in my view, one of the most complete Tryton functional manual . It is in 
Spanish indeed. However it can be easily Google-translated in English. 

Kind regards,


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