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Re: [Health] Search Results not sorted on the basis of 'Best Match'

From: Luis Falcon
Subject: Re: [Health] Search Results not sorted on the basis of 'Best Match'
Date: Sat, 4 Feb 2017 18:28:57 +0000

Dear Khurram

On Sat, 4 Feb 2017 21:14:55 +0500
Khurram Shahzad <address@hidden> wrote:

> Dear All,
> Yesterday one of our health professional was searching *haemorrhoid
> *to select as main diagnosis in Patient Evaluation. He had to type
> *haemorrho *to finally see the *haemorrhoid *as the first option in
> the search results.
> Ideally, *haemorrhoid* being the best match should have been the
> first item in the search list. Is there any way that we can sort the
> search results based on the 'Best Match' instead of sorting them on
> any other field which does not speed up the data entry?

Thanks for the feedback !

I'm not sure if I get your question, but on this specific question, the
doctor had to enter "haemorrho" to get an specific list because there
are many other conditions that share the "haemo" prefix.

If you want to skip the common prefix conditions, you can use the "%"
sign in front of your substring, and it would restrict the search. 

For instance, in the haemorrhoid example, try : "%rrhoid" (without the
quotes. That would filter out all the other conditions.

PS: In the upcoming version we allow to search either by the
description or the condition code in the auto-complete field ( see

So, for the patient condition, the doctor can either type "haemorrhoids"
or "K64.9" as its ICD10 code in the auto-complete field.
Let me know if this helps.


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