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[Health] PUID on Patieent Information

From: Carlos Eduardo Sotelo Pinto
Subject: [Health] PUID on Patieent Information
Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2017 05:34:41 -0500

Dear Coders

I was reviewing some of the block fo code related to gnu health in order o understand how gnuhealth is managing patient and party relationship, how ever I have noiced ( GNU Health 3.0.5 )

1. On health/view/gnuhealth_patient_form, about identification code, thre is a comment "You might also want to use the Health_archives module", I guess this is the most natural way of working with paper archives, however I dont understand the reason of taking of this kind of information that could be so important in order on search this field.

2. About PUI on the same, about the code, is using itw own secuence, however t the same code, it is using the party PUID, then my question is why is the reason on havingits own sequence number if the patient PUID will take this code from the party, I guess the patient PUID must be unique and use its own sequence, since it will have its own natural sequence as a patient, that most of time won be the same as the partu that couldnt no be a patient

My questions:

1. is there a way to get back the identification code on patient?
2. is there a way to use the patient sequence on patient instead of party PUID?

Best regards

Block code on gnuhealth_patient_form
From 2.6 we use the "PUID" (ref) field as the main code.
We go towards the Unique Person Identifier
If your patient has different clinical history codes (from different centers)
you can put them in the Clinical History Number in the alternative IDs of the
associated Party.

You might also want to use the Health_archives module, to associate the legacy
code with the unique patient ID.

                        <label name="identification_code"/>
                        <label name="identification_code"/>


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