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Re: [Health] Doubt about inserting people

From: João Martel
Subject: Re: [Health] Doubt about inserting people
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2018 18:52:36 +0000

Hi Mathias!

I thank you a lot for your quick answer. There's also another kind user of GNU who has offered to help with the use of proteus.. He is of the same opinion as you.

I'm doing my first steps here so I guess I'll be needing some more help soon... :D

Cheers and thanks again!


2018-01-23 10:33 GMT+00:00 Mathias Behrle <address@hidden>:
* João Martel: " [Health] Doubt about inserting people" (Mon, 22 Jan 2018
  22:38:46 +0000):

Hello João,

> Hi!
> Thanks in advance for the work and effort you had in developing this
> amazing software!
> I have one important question:
> I am a practicing family physician and I am considering using your software
> for personal registration of my list of patients, and, who knows, in the
> future, proposing its utilisation in other platforms.
> I have a list of around 2000 patients, which is written in digital record.
> It would be very laborious for me to create people one by one in gnu health,
> Isn't there any way to make Gnu health read from an excel list or something
> like that and import the list of patients?
> Thanks! Wishing you all the best
> Best regards
> João Martel
> Portugal

For simple cases you can use the CSV import from the client, more sophisticated
imports can be scripted with proteus, the command line client of Tryton. The
usage depends on the complexity of the data you want to import.

Best regards,


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