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Re: [Health] GNU_Health/WebDAV - no appointments displayed with Thunderb

From: Edgar Hagenbichler
Subject: Re: [Health] GNU_Health/WebDAV - no appointments displayed with Thunderbird
Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2018 21:26:10 +0100

Dear Luis,

Von: Health [mailto:address@hidden Im Auftrag von Luis Falcon
Gesendet: Sonntag, 18. Februar 2018 11:46

>Hi Edgar !

>Forgot to add the webdav server to the reset instance script, so it starts 
>Now it should be on. PLease check
Checked, it works!

>>... is there a login with admin and pw 
>> gnusolidario with the Thunderbird client? 

>Yes, you use the user credentials associated to the calendar.

Maybe I do something wrong. On the Community server
the calendar Cordara is associated to the Administrator admin
who has the pw gnusolidario. 
When I create in Thunderbird a new Internet Calendar and use
then immediately there is the connection and 
the appointments are displayed correctly.

But there is no login screen for the user credentials.
For data safety reason this would be important.
What am I doing wrong?

>> And is it possible to import appointments in GN Health 3.2? 
>>If yes,  how can I do this?
>With Proteus you should be able to import appointments.
Is it possible to invoke Proteus from the GNU Health client or 
with the SAO webclient? That would be great!
And is there a documentation for Proteus besides ? 

> >As discussed with Axel, for 3.4, we should have write mode
>>enable from the client.
With the SAO client I can set Access Permissions for
the Cordara calendar also for Write Users. 
Now I tried it for the Administrator. But it does not work yet.
I guess you mean this to enable this for the Version 3.4.
When, do you think, will version 3.4 be available?

Thank you so much!

All the best


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