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[Health] Selected Patient form an appointment with web Client

From: Fausto Noir
Subject: [Health] Selected Patient form an appointment with web Client
Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2018 14:14:11 +0100

Good morning, dear community.

My users will be using a web client form Gnuhealt (Tryton SAO, in this moment), so they can't use rightclick on the patient field of an appointment to user RELATED actions (EGCs, Requests, etc).

I'm trying to mahke a new window-action using tryton, to export the patient id and a new menu item to show only that patient. If you select another appointment, a new tab of that menu item should show that new patient.

I've seen that, to get a list of appointments form a patient, a window action could use its  model , context, context model and dominion to access between models. 

Has anyone tried this?

Someone could give me some kind of orientation?

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