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Re: [Health] How do I create additional database in gnuhealth?

From: Luis Falcon
Subject: Re: [Health] How do I create additional database in gnuhealth?
Date: Sat, 25 Aug 2018 11:53:07 +0100

Dear Patrick 

On Fri, 24 Aug 2018 15:38:02 +0200
Patrick Murez <address@hidden> wrote:

> Dear all,
> i'm struggling to create a additional database in gnuhealth.I've
> manage to have gnuhealth up and running but i would like to have an
> extra data base for training( i will load the demo data for that) but
> when i create a database in postgresql it is not appearing in the
> list of databases in gnuhealth client...
> Can someone helps on that?
> many thanks and regards
Chances are you have created the database with another user that is not
gnuhealth (or the user that runs the tryton server) so it won't be
visible to them.


$ psql -l

And you will see the databases and owners of those DBs


Dr. Luis Falcon, M.D., BSc
President, GNU Solidario
GNU Health: Freedom and Equity in Healthcare
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