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Re: [Health] GNU Health 3.4RC1 ready to test

From: Dr. Axel Braun
Subject: Re: [Health] GNU Health 3.4RC1 ready to test
Date: Mon, 05 Nov 2018 10:28:13 +0100

I think I stumbled over the first issue:

[   40s] copying ./tests/ -> build/lib/trytond/modules/
[   40s] error: package directory './wizard' does not exist

in health_federation/ is a sequence:

I guess that casues the error?


Am Montag, 5. November 2018, 00:24:50 CET schrieb Luis Falcon:
> Dear community
> After over a year we're getting close to the release of GNU Health 3.4 !
> GH 3.4 comes with lots of new and exciting features, including the
> Federation, Thalamus, updated genetics, calendar server, native client
> and mongoDB integration, GH embedded (raspi)  among others.
> I just uploaded to pypi the Release Candidate 1 of the gnu health
> client (3.4rc1), thalamus (0.9.0), and the GNU Health HMIS component
> (3.4rc1)
> In addition, you can download the HMIS component, with the plugins
> (Federation Resource Locator, GNU Health Camera and GNU Health Crypto)
> from our dev site:
> This week I will also update the community server operating system,
> install Thalamus, the calendar server, the HMIS node, and MongoDB, so
> we can all test the federation features.
> There is a lot to test, update localization / language strings and document.
> Please report any issues you may find, and enjoy testing the upcoming
> GNU Health ecosystem !
> Best
> Luis

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