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Re: [Health] Tryton client connections

From: Axel Braun
Subject: Re: [Health] Tryton client connections
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2020 15:40:51 +0200

Dear Yusif

Am Dienstag, 18. August 2020, 16:18:39 CEST schrieb Yusif Suleiman:

> I have installed gnuhealth on openSUSE (Leap_15.2) in virtual box (Ver6.1.8)
> on a laptop computer. I can login add a parties & play with the tryton
> modules.

Good choice :-)

> My question is:
> How can I connect a tryton as a client from a desktop (Windows) computer to
> access the information from the laptop (gnuhealth).

You need to change the network settings of the virtual box machine. In the
settings of the VM, chose Network and change the setting 'Connected as' from
NAT to 'bridged' (or Network-Bridge).

On the next start of the VM, your system will receive a network address from
your DNS server. If the system in your VM has a senseful network name (like
'gnuhealth-server' or whatever) and your local DNS is capable of dynamic name
resolution you can do a
ping gnuhealth-server
and should get a response like
64 bytes from gnuhealth-server ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=64 time=0.039 ms

If the name cant be resolved, use the IP address to steer the client to the
right server (under 'Manage profiles' of the GH client)


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