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Re: [Health] GNUHealth Client on Web browser

From: Yusif Suleiman
Subject: Re: [Health] GNUHealth Client on Web browser
Date: Tue, 04 May 2021 16:10:21 +0100

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Hi Axel, 
Thanks for the reply. 

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Re: GNUHealth Client on Web browser
From: Axel Braun
To: health ,health-i18n

Hi Yusif,

I feel i18n is not the right the list for this question...

>>Noted, it was mistake. 

Am Dienstag, 4. Mai 2021, 12:55:00 CEST schrieb Yusif Suleiman:
> I installed gnuhealth on openSUSE using vm, and I have activated almost all
> the modules.
> We want to start using the gnuhealth system on production environment.

Good. Make sure you have SSL connections enabled

>>The computers on the network don't have Internet access, with that do I have to enabled SSL? 

> Our interest now is for the laboratory procedure with hoping to expand to
> other modules.
> Kindly let me how to use Web browser as a client to connect to the system.

quoting /usr/share/doc/packages/trytond/tryton-server.README.openSUSE

>>I will review the README. 

Installation of the Webfrontend for tryton (sao) from source

>>Will the Webfrontend installation be on server (vm), client side or both? 

>>Can the gnuhealth be access from windows machine via Web browsers (as most of the proposed client computers are working on Windows OS) 


In case you want to install sao from source:
sao bases on nodejs, and it comes as separate package. Download and extract
tryton-sao into a directory, say /srv/tryton-sao

Make sure you have nodejs and git installed:
> zypper install nodejs git

Now change into to installation directory and install sao:
> cd /srv/tryton-sao/package
> npm install

Now you need to run grunt. make sure it is run from the locally installed
> cd /srv/tryton-sao/package
> node_modules/grunt-cli/bin/grunt

Last but not least, edit /etc/tryton/trytond.conf
In the section [web], set the path:
root = /srv/tryton-sao/package

Now restart trytond (or gnuhealth).

Does that answer your question? 

>>I will appreciate any link to documentation or videos on this regard. 



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