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Re: [Health] help needed, after setup can´t input any patients

From: Edgar_
Subject: Re: [Health] help needed, after setup can´t input any patients
Date: Sat, 26 Jun 2021 22:20:16 +0200
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Hello Osvaldo

Am 25.06.2021 um 17:08 schrieb Osvaldo Alonso:

Hello,  I’m trying to make a test run of gnuhealth,


I’ve installed the latest version on ubuntu 20.04 LTS with KDE plasma, ran into some trouble mostly because of my own inexperience and some gaps into the documentation for gnuhealth on ubuntu,

please provide some more information where the documentatioon could be improved

but finally I could get it working up to getting the interface in the client on an external machine.

very good!


What I need some help with is that during the module installation there was a blackout and the UPS failed, when the energy came back from the client it showed that half the modules were installed so I put the rest to finish installing, when it ended it seemed ok but it never showed the wizard to create the institution, I’ve made one under the company section and under the health institution section but whenever I try to put a party or a person it says that first I need to create a health institution,

yes. that is a frequent problem that can occur in the setup process. You have to set up the company under party and then create a health institution under health (with the company from party).

I suspect that the (lack of) wizard messed something so I got stuck there, is there a way I can make the wizard appear again like a soft reset or something without having to install from zero again (with no informatics background it took me 10 days of work including online research and lots of trial and error to get where I am and I prefer not going through that again if possible).

I understand you very well. At and there at I made a short manual in German for creating a new database.   Maybe I will translate it into English in the future.


Thank you in advance.



If you need more help we could make a videocall.

All the best


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