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Re: [Health] MyGNUHealth 1.0 ready to download

From: Luis Falcon
Subject: Re: [Health] MyGNUHealth 1.0 ready to download
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2021 12:38:07 +0100

Hi Axel!

On Wed, 30 Jun 2021 13:20:59 +0200
Axel Braun <> wrote:

> Hi Luis,
> Am Mittwoch, 30. Juni 2021, 12:12:45 CEST schrieb Luis Falcon:
> > As you may have read in our official announcement
> > (,
> > the first stable official version of MyGH is out!  
> Yes, that is a great success! Congratulations again!

Teamwork! :)

> > For those of you who have pacakged MyGNUHealth in a specific
> > operating system, please let us know on this thread.  
> MyGNUHealth is available on openSUSE, see:

Excellent! Congratulations for the openSUSE package! Contrary to the GNU
Health HMIS component, MyGNUHealth is a personal application that
anyone of us should be able to install it, so packages are key.

I favor to have MyGH as a default application in the distro
(on the Personal Information Management - PIM). That would further
increase the adoption of the application and hopefully improve our the
health of our community :)

> I feel we can stop the nightly builds, what do you think?

I am very proud to know that MyGNUHealth is pioneering the Personal
Health management in GNU/Linux and other Libre OS & devices like the

Congratulations to all of you who are making it possible.


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