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[Heartlogic-dev] Theory of Mind in schizophrenia: First person vs third

From: Joshua N Pritikin
Subject: [Heartlogic-dev] Theory of Mind in schizophrenia: First person vs third person perspective
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2004 14:03:01 +0530
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Patients suffering from schizophrenia have an impaired
meta-representation also known as Theory of Mind (ToM). Moreover, the
presence of delusions or other positive symptoms of schizophrenia has
been correlated to poor ToM performances. Lack of insight is a common
symptom of schizophrenia and can be considered a critical
manifestation of impaired ToM abilities. In particular, the present
study addresses the role of perspective ToM ability in schizophrenic
patients. Thirty severely delusional schizophrenic patients completely
lack insight when interviewed about their delusions. Seven
subsequently gain insight about their mental state when perspective is
shifted from the first person to third person. These data suggest that
in some delusional schizophrenic patients, it may be possible to gain
access to and modify their mental states.

Full text available online at:


A new cognitive theory of emotion, http://openheartlogic.org

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