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[Heb-dev] religiously

From: Ella Elliott
Subject: [Heb-dev] religiously
Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2006 06:31:25 -0700
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They never print my screwups, saving me a little cash, and they're always done on time.
I'm basically providing half my family's income through blogging.
I want to talk about child-friendly coffee shops in Portland, for one, and rave about baked goods all over the city. But in both roles, I'm often more than frustrated. I'll use it to capture images I don't want to spend a lot on - mostly blogging fodder I'm sure.
They certainly can't read this blog to find out! , every minute, though I'm tired or distracted or wish that I could read more books to Everett, I'm always called back, by the siren song of the keyboard.
I knit while watching TV, I knit while breastfeeding, I knit while waiting for meals, I knit at traffic lights when I'm driving. And my mind whirled and I decided to start a meme.
it's "matt" not "matte"? Stop being so selfish. I've had friends email me and ask if I'm ok - and long-lost classmates find me and wonder what I'm up to. John's I'm sure to plug one week soon.
And the less scandalous swearwords, the "dammit"s and the "oh, GAWD"s, well, those barely register on my self-censorship meter anymore. they're all about the writing. A little north of age two, Everett started using words that sounded suspiciously like swearwords.
Messiness becomes detail and clutter turns into pattern.
" It's not a stress reliever, as often my thoughts are worries, but it's a crystalizer, vastly useful for a mind like mine, jumping from project to project like a triple-jumper warming up. the route I'd travelled hundreds upon hundreds of times.
I'm a fan and you can bet I'll continue to drop a large portion of my unreimbursed business expenses in their lab. I did it all from the world of a mama.
But it takes portraits that drip with lickable beauty and closeups that shimmer with sharpness.
The hat for which I brought ingredients, I predict, will be finished even sooner. the route I'd travelled hundreds upon hundreds of times. He fit Hirshman's requirements, oddly enough - he was in a less prestigious job, he was less educated than I, he was good at laundry and washing dishes. Don't take too much of the home duties upon yourself.
No wonder I'm so happy.
" And I bet some of you are asking, Sarah, what is Cafe au Play? This is an actual comment: "You guys are LOSERS!
But it's not so easy, and if we don't speak the truth, nobody knows. I've been having a grand time blogging TV and food on two other blogs.

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