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[Help-bash] New bash build as default shell

From: John Aten
Subject: [Help-bash] New bash build as default shell
Date: Sun, 5 Oct 2014 16:16:49 -0500

Hi all,

I am new to the list, and was wondering if anyone had any ideas about the 
following problem. 

I am running Debian Wheezy on a Dell Inspiron laptop. I just built bash 4.3.29 
from source. I wanted to change my root and one user account to use it as the 
default shell. I ran sudo chsh and entered /usr/local/bin/bash, and everything 
was fine. I could log in and out, run commands, and the $SHELL and 
$BASH_VERSION environment variables confirmed the change. 

Things got hinky, though when I tried to change my regular, non-root user 
account. While logged in as my regular user, I entered chsh, but when I typed 
in the path, it says that I had entered an invalid shell. I tried sudo chsh, 
and the same. I was perplexed by this, as it seemed perfectly valid when I ran 
it as this user by typing the path into the command line of the previous 
default shell. Commands run normally, and $BASH_VERSION returns the right 
number. I tried to change my regular user's shell again and got the same error. 
I triple checked the path, and tried again, this time while logged in as root. 
It then returned:

chsh: PAM: Authentication failure

I logged in as root and changed the shell for my regular user account in 
/etc/passwd, but after this I couldn't log in to my regular user account at 
all. At first it gave me a 'login incorrect' error, but on repeated attempts it 
would give what looks like a 10 or 15 line message, but the screen clears so 
quickly I can't read it. I logged in as root and changed my regular user's 
default shell back to the previous /bin/bash, and now it works fine.

Any thoughts?


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