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Re: Strange behaviour of read builtin

From: M. Nejat AYDIN
Subject: Re: Strange behaviour of read builtin
Date: Thu, 2 Jul 2020 18:06:08 +0300
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On 7/2/20 2:14 PM, Greg Wooledge wrote:
Hmm, not in the man page.  In the man page, they're in two widely
separated paragraphs.  All of the options (-a aname, -d delim, ...)
lie in between them.

I can confirm that. The man page is a bit clearer than the web page.

I have no objection to clarifying the wording, mind you.  I simply
pointed out where it's documented, since you explicitly asked that.

I got it. I had first thought that that behaviour of the read builtin
was accidental. I think now that it was intentional to make it possible
to read a line as is, without having to modify the IFS variable.
The wording does not reflect the intention clearly, in my opinion.

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