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Unwanted output

From: norm
Subject: Unwanted output
Date: Sat, 25 Jul 2020 10:14:26 -0700

I am a poor typist. When I mistype a command name I get a lot of unwanted
output. For example, say I wanted to type: "file /tmp/,a" but type
"gile /tmp/,a":

gile /tmp/,a

Command 'gile' not found, did you mean:

  command 'kile' from deb kile
  command 'vile' from deb vile
  command 'gle' from deb gle-graphics
  command 'file' from deb file
  command 'guile' from deb guile-2.0
  command 'guile' from deb guile-2.2
  command 'zile' from deb zile

Try: sudo apt install <deb name>


Not only is this annoying but it often scrolls out of view my current context.
I don't know who is doing this, so I don't to whom I can complain. I don't see
how it could be bash, because it couldn't know about sudo, or "apt install".
But neither could it be Mate, my window manager, or Ubuntu, because they
wouldn't know to mess with bash.

In any case, how can I stop this?
    Norman Shapiro

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