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Man page on conditional expressions: =~ missing?

From: Francois Tonneau
Subject: Man page on conditional expressions: =~ missing?
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2020 11:02:23 -0300


I have a comment/suggestion/question about the man page of GNU bash
5.0.16(1) on Debian.

The section on:

Compound Commands
[[ expression ]], where expression is a conditional expression

mentions correctly that "an additional binary operator, =~, is available

Yet later, in the section on:

where "expressions are formed from the following unary or binary primaries"
..., I could not see any mention of =~ (whereas == and != are mentioned).

For the sake of completeness, shouldn't the =~ operator mentioned in the
later list?  A conditional expression with the regex operator does seem to
work in current bash (for example,  [[ foo =~ ^foo$ && bar == bar ]] &&
echo ok).

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