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Re: Making copies of files

From: michael-franzese
Subject: Re: Making copies of files
Date: Thu, 1 Apr 2021 02:31:17 +0200

Have now converted my files to org files and used html2text to remove the
html markup commands.

Have now ended up with paragraphs as follows.  I would now like to read the
org files and introduce a newline whenever a line ends with a period ".".

----- -----
Recently I attended Microsoft's annual Systems Software Seminar. This is less a
seminar in the academic sense than a carefully orchestrated presentation for
the press, a gathering where Microsoftians like Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer
take turns at a podium and argue over exactly when OS/2 will take over the
known universe. There were also presentations on future enhancements to DOS,
the OS/2 LAN and SQL servers, future developer goodies, etc.
Bill Gates remarks on programming languages really got me thinking, though. He
spent a fair bit of time explaining to an audience of industry analysts and
press people about these things called "objects" and how they were the coming
thing in programming. This is a view I quite agreed with. The increasing
complexity of environments like the Mac Toolbox and the OS/2 Presentation
Manager cry out for new progrnmming tools and methods. Language packages like
Actor and Smalltalk/V have the potential (in their inevitable protected mode
versions) to be the next wave in programming.
But Bill Gates wasn't talking about Smalltalk or Actor.
The people at Microsoft, you see, have a language division that's expected to
turn a profit. It isn't their job to convert the world to new languages, it's
to sell language packages. Preferably more than Borland does.
So when asked how Microsoft was going to address the topic of object-oriented
prograrnming with its languages, Bill Gates wasn't interested in weirdo
languages like Smalltalk; he talked about adding object-oriented extensions to
existing Microsoft languages: C and BASIC.
Object-oriented BASIC! What a concept! Soon beginners will be able to add
modular meatballs to their spaghetti code. My mind boggled with the
possibilities and almost missed the follow-up from Gates: there's no promise of
when these extensions will appear, or in what form. ANSI C is still the chosen
language, and converting to C++ seems unlikely.
----- -----


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> Subject: Re: Making copies of files
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> > > On Mar 31, 2021, at 2:24 PM, wrote:
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> > > Am trying to figure out what the option "--" does with cp.
> > 
> > Same thing it does almost everywhere else.
> Means that I can run the script to execute what I need.
> Many thanks
> >     Guideline 10:
> >         The first -- argument that is not an option-argument should
> >         be accepted as a delimiter indicating the end of options.
> >         Any following arguments should be treated as operands, even
> >         if they begin with the '-' character.
> > 
> >
> > 
> > vq

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