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Bash colour codes

From: pauline-galea
Subject: Bash colour codes
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2021 21:56:56 +0200

I got somewhat confused about color codes.

Let's take for instance \e[0;41;32m which writes with red background and
green foreground.

Then, using \e[1;41;32m makes the foreground green color bright.

Then there is the capability to use \e[1;41;92m, \e[1;101;32m
and \e[0;41;92m, \e[0;101;32m

Seems to me that \e[1;41;32m brightens only the foreground color
and is equivalent to \e[0;41;92m.  And that to brighten the background
one can use \e[1;101;32m.

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