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Bash Library

From: steve-humphreys
Subject: Bash Library
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2021 23:34:20 +0200

I have a bash library with some directories (fractr and telemtrk) and want
to call some of the functions defined there.

libpath: ~/Admir/build/decun/
frcpath: $libpath/fractr
trkpath: $libpath/telemtrk

There are a few tests in directory telemtrk, where the relevant paths can
be set by calling "config-path" provided by "".

--- ---
source ~/Admir/build/decun/
dcnpath=$(config-path decuneus)
frcpath=$(config-path fractr)
--- ---

When making my own bash scripts, I want to use the tools provided by the
library.  This entails using "config-path" in "".

In summary, one has to include the path to "" to set the other

source ~/Admir/build/decun/

The problem I want to discuss is the situation when other users install
the library in some other path.  They would have to change the hardwired
path "~/Admir/build/decun/".  This means that they cannot
simply run my scripts by calling "".  What is the least cumbersome
way to deal with this?

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