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Adding option to select file types

From: lisa-asket
Subject: Adding option to select file types
Date: Tue, 6 Jul 2021 02:51:48 +0200 (CEST)

From: Eli Schwartz <>
Subject: Re: Adding option to select file types
Date: 06/07/2021 02:28:29 Europe/Paris

On 7/5/21 7:39 PM, wrote:
> From: Greg Wooledge <>
>> No. getopt(1) is pure evil.
> I am evil myself, so it's fine.

This is a terrible argument to make if your expectation is to receive help.

Most people instead try to put forth the case that what they are doing
is "not evil, actually".

Instead you explicitly request that anyone with a low opinion of getopt
should have a low opinion of you too? Why are you trying to turn this
into what kind of "evil" human being you are?

No sense of humor !  Using or not using it, is a matter of preference.  Either 

or we can improve it if need be.  I am never against not using a utility when 

It is just a tool.  The comment was addressed to myself, and am entitled to 
joke about

it.  We are all a mix of good and bad after all.  I'm no different.

Relax Mr Schwartz.

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