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Re: Are you trolling us?

From: Dennis Williamson
Subject: Re: Are you trolling us?
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2021 15:38:18 -0500

On Wed, Jul 28, 2021, 2:53 PM Greg Wooledge <> wrote:

> I have a very strong feeling that we're being trolled.
> I'm seeing the same question being repeated under different personal
> names, in slightly different formats.  All of the personal names
> are composed of two lower-case words joined by a hyphen (foo-bar).
> The question is always some combination of the following set of issues:
> 1) They're parsing options.
> 2) They want to assign a default value to a variable, but they insist
>    on doing this *after* the processing has finished, rather than before.
>    This means they have to somehow "check" whether their variable has been
>    "set".
> 3) They're defining local variables inside a conditional block (one branch
>    of a case statement), and then they act surprised when an invocation
>    that does not execute that block of code behaves differently.
> In <>
> we see this code:
>   ("-w"|"--warning")
>      local warn="1"
>      case "$2" in
> In <>
> we see this:
>   "-d")
>     local -r dpath="$2" ; shift 2 ;;
> In <>:
>   if [[ -v excl ]]; then
> And then later in the same thread:
>   I am making the array if a specific option to a function is specified
>   by the user.
> It's the same basic issue, over and over, in disguise.  I may have failed
> to show enough context for you to see the similarities in these questions,
> but that's because I don't want to spend enough time to track them all
> down.
> One of these threads is from a person allegedly named "lisa-asket".  One
> is from "eduardo-chibas".  One is from "dora-solomon".  No other name is
> given -- just that hyphenated string, each time.
> I believe these are all the same person, and that this is some kind of
> elaborate trolling campaign.  Perhaps it's a psychology class experiment
> to see whether giving yourself a masculine name or a feminine name gets
> a better result.  Or perhaps there's some other motivation.
> Whoever you really are, please stop now.

I've been suspecting the same thing.


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