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Re: smoothing Xcode integration

From: Hans Åberg
Subject: Re: smoothing Xcode integration
Date: Sat, 6 Oct 2018 15:40:29 +0200

> On 6 Oct 2018, at 14:42, Uxio Prego <address@hidden> wrote:
> On StackOverflow I've been given some directions on getting Xcode
> to correctly use a cross platform Makefile, however haven't been
> completely successful so far.
> I can add a target wrapping the Makefile, but haven't passed the
> environment variables to the `make` execution successfully yet,
> for it to remove the _line_ preprocessor directives.
> Also I haven't figured out yet how to configure that Make target as
> a build step before the program target itself.

This is setup with configure for just using Xcode as a debugger, building the 
project in the directory project/ using 'make' from Terminal:
1. Name a sibling directory to the directory project/, say 'xcode', and move to 
it ('cd xcode').
2. In the xcode directory, create a Makefile using
 ../project/configure CXX=clang++ CXXFLAGS=-g
or whatever path to the compiler, and make. This also create a subdirectory 
called 'src'
3. From within Xcode, create in the directory 'xcode' an "External Build" 
project named 'src', which puts a file src.xcodeproj in the directory xcode/src.
4. Add 'project/src' to the project by dragging into the project window in the 
left sidebar.
5. Open scheme from the pop-up top left in the project window, or keyboard 
<command>-'<' if already selected.
6. If the project is run from say the directory 'test', set its full path in 
5. If the program is from this directory 'test' using say
  ../xcode/src/project <arguments>
set the arguments in Arguments.

>>> I would want to run `sed 's/#line/\/\/#line/'` on the generated parser
>>> in order for it not to show as assembly during debugging. I think
>>> Xcode has some kind of non honoring to the way `#line` works,
>> You can disable using %no-lines, see the Bison manual, but it works fine in 
>> Xcode 10.
> Nice to know, however maybe the `sed` use is more convenient.
> The default flow must be not to manipulate _line_ preprocessor
> directives.
> If I added `%no-lines`, would GDB debugging break?
> I'd try once I have a Linux box at hand again...
> So unless nothing breaks, injecting a `%no-lines` line in the Bison
> doc, I see unnecessarily complicated compared to optionally run
> a simple `sed` substitution on the generated parser.

The #line directives just causes the debugger to show that part instead of the 
.cc sources when encountering an error. For example, a thrown exception will 
show the correct line in the .yy file. Breakpoints must still be put in the .cc 

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