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Re: cfengine runs every hour by default?

From: Brendan Strejcek
Subject: Re: cfengine runs every hour by default?
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 2004 21:46:19 -0500
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cmustard wrote:

> are there any consequences to disabling cfexecd and only running
> cfservd

That depends on your admin philosophy. Disabling cfservd (and not
running cfagent with cron) moves more towards a push model. See

for a quick overview of this debate. I (and many others) believe that
a cfrun-style (push) approach does not scale as well and is more error

> They both create automatic init scipts for themsleves, It seems odd
> that they would both be created if they were not both defintetly
> nedded

Note that cfengine proper does not do this. That was packaging policy
decided upon by some distributor. Mark only releases source.

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