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Editfiles creates cfsaved file

From: Brian E. Seppanen
Subject: Editfiles creates cfsaved file
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2004 09:34:02 -0400 (EDT)

I'm resending this with relevent logs.   Sorry about the double post.

I'm using cfengine 2.0.8p1 with several redhat 7.3 boxes.    I have a file 
I copy from one master host.   Later in my config I use editfiles to add a 
specific pattern match that is specific to each host.   After all is said 
and done the copy works and the editfiles works, but I'm left with a 
modified cfsaved file, and the original file is left untouched...   How 
can I insure that the cfsaved file is used?   

Begin editing /usr/local/etc/match.conf
in/cfagent -f /: 
in/cfagent -v -: Edit: Search ended at line 134
in/cfagent -f /: 
in/cfagent -v -: Edit: (Found #Pattern)
in/cfagent -f /: 
in/cfagent -v -: incrementing line pointer to line 135
:in/cfagent -f /: 
in/cfagent -v -: (Begin Group - no match for filter 172 \{match\("172\.31"\);)
in/cfagent -f /: 
in/cfagent -v -: Inserting filter 172 {match("172.31");}; 
in/cfagent -f /: 
in/cfagent -v -: Inserting log { source(src); filter(172); 
in/cfagent -f /: 
in/cfagent -v -: (End Group)
in/cfagent -f /: 
in/cfagent -v -: End editing /usr/local/etc/match.conf


Brian Seppanen
906-475-0107 ext 1040

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