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Re: cfengine on RedHat Enterprise Linux 3

From: Erik Dykema
Subject: Re: cfengine on RedHat Enterprise Linux 3
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2004 12:34:11 -0400
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Thanks all for the pointers & etc. to RPM's. I was wondering, would it be helpful to put those links (or even the RPM's themselves) on the cfengine download page? It might help a little more as far as casual experimenters playing around with it.


Ryan Dooley wrote:
There is an RHEL3 archive that Dag Wieers ( maintains
Dag has all sorts of goodies for RHEL3 (including Cfengine 2.1.1 - source
RPMS and all).


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Subject: Re: cfengine on RedHat Enterprise Linux 3

Nielsen, Steve wrote on Friday 09 April 2004 07:10:

You can download cfengine rpms from I have not installed it


RHEL3 but it should work since RHEL3 is based on fedora core 1.

Unless I'm horribly mistaken, RHEL 3 is based on RHL 9, not FC 1.  RHEL 3
release was announced 10/22/03, and FC 1 release was announced 11/6/03.
The FC 1 cfengine rpm may or may not work well on RHEL 3.  If it doesn't
work, you might try getting the cfengine source rpm and rebuilding it on a
RHEL 3 machine.


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