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Re: Windows experiences [was: Re: Cfengine sources]

From: Alexander Mattausch
Subject: Re: Windows experiences [was: Re: Cfengine sources]
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 16:19:39 +0200
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Christian Pearce schrieb:

That's ugly.  Can you elaborate?  I have heard of people using cfengine for 
managing windows desktops.  Can people share their experiences?
I am administering some Windows machines, but do not use cfengine for it.
The replace-open-files-issue is ugly, but it's not such an important point. (BTW, there are some backup tools that allow access to open files -- but I don't know how they do that. There must be some way to bypass the locking mechanism.) Most services use registry entries, also most of the Windows configuration is done by registry hacks. Something like a "registry"-section in cfengine would help here, at least for simple networks and as a first step. For larger networks, this may interfere with system and group policies. Also support of the WMI-API would be nice (these functions can also edit the registry, but are not compatible with NT 4 and below). Without that, cfengine is mainly helpful for copying files -- but I rarely need that. I would be interested in keeping registry values in sync (I currently do that using system policies, which are, however, very ugly to define if you do not have preconfigured ADM-files for the policy editor).

Alex Mattausch

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