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something wrong with time classes

From: Kurt Lieber
Subject: something wrong with time classes
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 21:50:30 -0400
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I'm trying to set up a time class that runs every two hours.  So far, I

t_on00 = ( Min00_05 Min05_10 )

t_everyhour_00 = ( t_on00 )

t_on15 = ( Min15_20 Min20_25 )

t_on30 = ( Min30_35 Min35_40 )

t_on45 = ( Min45_50 Min50_55 )


    t_every2hours_00 = ( Hr00 Hr02 Hr04 Hr06 Hr08 Hr10 Hr12 Hr14 Hr16 Hr18 Hr20 
Hr22 )

The goal is to define a class that will only run on even hours, between :00
and :10.

However, it's not working.  I have a block of code that is called via:


But it never gets executed automatically.  Only if I run cfagent
-Drun_glsamakertest. (I've ensured that cfagent is executing at the correct

I obviously have something dorked up with the time classes, but I don't
know what.

Any help is appreciated.


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