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RE: ReturnsZero(): command does not return zero. Is class createdwith va

From: Villalovos, John L
Subject: RE: ReturnsZero(): command does not return zero. Is class createdwith value of false?
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2004 09:52:22 -0700

Is anyone using ReturnsZero() sucessfully?  Since I have upgraded it
appears to be broken :(


From: address@hidden
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Behalf Of Villalovos, John L
Sent: Friday, April 23, 2004 8:10 AM
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Subject: RE: ReturnsZero(): command does not return zero. Is class
createdwith value of false?

Has anything happened on this issue?

I just upgraded from 2.0.7p3 to 2.1.5 and now my ReturnsZero statements
don't seem to work anymore :(


        # The web server is called httpd in Red Hat 8.0 forward
        hasWebServer_rh8 = ( ReturnsZero(/bin/rpm -q --quiet httpd) )
        # The web server is called apache in Red Hat 7.x
        hasWebServer_rh7 = ( ReturnsZero(/bin/rpm -q --quiet apache) )
        # See if phpMyAdmin is installed
        has_phpMyAdmin = ( ReturnsZero(/bin/rpm -q --quiet phpMyAdmin) )


            "/usr/sbin/up2date apache"
            "/sbin/chkconfig httpd on"
            "/sbin/service httpd start"

            "/usr/sbin/up2date httpd"
            "/sbin/chkconfig httpd on"
            "/sbin/service httpd start"

        # Install phpMyAdmin if a phpMyAdmin server
            "/usr/sbin/up2date phpMyAdmin"

After upgrading to 2.1.5, none of my ReturnsZero commands are working.
The classes are not being created.


> This issue is definitively a bug with version 2.1.0b2.  I tried my cf
> script unchanged with 2.0.7p3 and it worked flawlessly.
> Best regards,
> Hans Deragon
> address@hidden wrote:
>> I'm sorry -- I didn't read this properly first time
>> around. the problem is a misunderstanding of the ReturnZero()
>> function. It is the value of the shell returncode that is tested
>> not the value of the text string printed by the command.
>> You will need to use StrCmp("0",$returnvar) if you want to test that.
>> Since fgrep will always succeed if /etc/passwd exists, it will always
>> return zero in the sense of ReturnZero().
> ...and again, you still have not read properly (or understand fgrep
> return codes). :)  What I do is check for a user in the /etc/passwd:
> address@hidden qhander] /bin/fgrep -c lmclxadm /etc/passwd 0
> address@hidden qhander] echo $?
> 1
> So the return code is 1.  accountexist is therefore not defined. 
> !accountexist should trigger, but it does not.  Bug.
>> I believe it is explained in the manual that classes are attributes
>> that are either defined or not. It is certainly implicit in all
>> of the docs, but whether or not it is clear is of course a matter of
>> opinion! :) 
>> Mark
> Mmmm... I would have brought a few changes to the
> documentation to make it
> clearer.  But, now that I know...
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