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Re: cfengine 2.1.4, KillOldLinks()

From: Jeff Blaine
Subject: Re: cfengine 2.1.4, KillOldLinks()
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2004 12:46:30 -0400
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By the way, this happens in 2.1.5 as well.  I just tested it.

Jeff Blaine wrote:
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have two problems.  The first is the following:  Perfectly valid
symlinks are being deleted.

Two previous people have reported this and have been met with total
silence (URL to their posts below).

I have seen this behavior with cfengine 2.1.4 under Red Hat Linux
7.x and IRIX 6.5 so far.

# cfagent -d2 -n -f ./master.cfe                     <--- NOTE NO '-L'
VBUFF before CompressPath(): /etc/chkconfig          <--- my debugging
VBUFF after CompressPath(): sbin/chkconfig           <--- BZZZZT WRONG
cfengine:behemoth: /etc/chkconfig is a link which points to sbin/chkconfig, but that file doesn't seem to exist
cfengine:behemoth: Removing dead link /etc/chkconfig <--- NO!  WRONG!

The file /etc/../sbin/chkconfig DOES EXIST.

Both posts are here:

Problem two is mentioned in the 1st line of the output above.  On IRIX
and Red Hat Linux 7.x, 'stale link deletion' is active and I have NOT
specified '-L' in my command-line options.

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