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Re: Problem using packages: or NOT operator?

From: Phil D'Amore
Subject: Re: Problem using packages: or NOT operator?
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2004 19:30:45 -0400
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Villalovos, John L wrote:

John Villalovos wrote:
I started trying to use the packages command.  So I did the following:

Does NOT work.  Using the Logical NOT operator and define=:
----------------------------- packages:
       vim-enhanced define=hasVimEnhanced

# Install vim-enhanced if it is not already installed. !hasVimEnhanced:: "/usr/sbin/up2date vim-enhanced"

But this did work using elsedefine= and not using the logical NOT
operator: -----------------------------------
       vim-enhanced elsedefine=needVimEnhanced

# Install vim-enhanced if it is not already installed. needVimEnhanced:: "/usr/sbin/up2date vim-enhanced"

Well after playing with it some more it seems likes packages: is not
working for me :(

I changed the one that was working to be the package "vim-enhanced2"
(which does NOT exist).  It still ran and did not define the
needVimEnhanced class.

These two functions NEVER get called.  I would think they should get
called but they don't.


You are likely not setting a package manager. packages: requires a package manager to be set, even though the only one that works right now is rpm. you can either do this:

vim-enhanced  pkgmgr=rpm elsedefine=vimEnhanced


   DefaultPkgMgr = ( rpm )

which will set it for all of your checks. Cfengine does not error out if this is not specified but it should print a message to warn you if you run with -d 1. Sorry if this was unintuitive, it seemed like the Right Thing (tm) to do at the time.

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