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how do you combine cfengine and rcs/cvs/subversion?

From: Karsten Heymann
Subject: how do you combine cfengine and rcs/cvs/subversion?
Date: Sun, 04 Jul 2004 16:20:42 +0200
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Hello you all,

I'm wondering how those of you feeding cfengine from a revision control
system have setup their config. 

(Reason: I'd like to set up one before I instruct my coworkers on cfengine
so we do it the right way just from the beginning :) )

Especially I'm not sure how to set up the checkout mechanism. Do you
regularly scheduled checkouts into cfengine's publishing directory or do
you launch the checkout from hand. Do you maybe have some sophisticated
scripts you would share or pointers to websites/articles about this? (I
found none apart from some discussions on covering

I'd really love to see some examples of working setups to get an Idea of
what is practical and what not, so if you have something to say I'm all



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