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Re: Tutorials etc at LISA

From: Volker Wiegand
Subject: Re: Tutorials etc at LISA
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2004 00:35:20 +0200
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unfortunately I will not be able to attend the conference, but nevertheless I would like to raise a "strategic" question.

This is in connection with a question that has been posted to this list recently but went unanswered: "What about SuSE?" Problem is that SuSE has always been special, with YaST(1|2), with their very own use of /etc/sysconfig, with the differential SysV init logic and so on. The authoritative source of configuration often has not been the /etc file but some meta file plus SuSEconfig. Thus, in my former company (SuSE) I consulted only on using cfengine for limited, "non-intrusive" use. In my current occupation (Deutsche Bahn, German Railway) I haven't even been able to introduce cfengine at all (though I'd love to).

So, here is my question: has anyone ever been thinking of using WBEM as the execution layer between cfengine and heterogenuous systems (SuSE and Novell are moving to WBEM with SLES9, IBM is using CIM in Tivoli or with the SBLIM project, and even Microsoft has an implementation called WMI)?

I'd be willing (and probably be able) to contribute giving it a try, provided it does not conflict with the direction cfengine is meant to go. Any interest in discussing that any further???

Volker wrote:

I shall be giving introductory and "advanced" tutorials
on cfengine at LISA'04 for anyone who is interested.
The advanced tutorial will go into how to use the newer
features, structural stuff (methods) and organize
files etc. (

Feel free to send me requests for special topics you would
like covered. There is limited time (half-day tutorials)
but I shall consider all requests.

Is there also a need for a developer's BoF? To discuss future development/other issues?
Let me know who is interested, to see how big an
event we'll need.


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